Being the sales in January , I thought I would visit the “città della moda” to take a peak at the fabulous outlets this fair city has!

So I found myself on the 21st of January at the Bergamo airport of Milan, I checked-in at a nice hotel at the outskirts of the city , Hotel dei Fiori .The service was nice,room was clean although was a bit small ,but hey , we don’t visit cities just to stay in the hotel all day !
Next day I bought tickets for the bus leaving to Serravalle Outlet .I hard it was the best outlet in the area with great reductions and to-die-for clothes of famous designers! So it was! I found a lot of great stuff at good prices. The store I found myself in was Versace…they had such beautiful garments at incredible prices ! But if you want to catch something ,you have to go probably at the beginning of the sales cause I didn’t find so many things my size..
Having this amazing day ,I went back to the hotel to prepare for some sightseeing in the morning.

First stop was the Domo (il Duomo)  , Milan’s finest tourist attraction..besides this and Piazza del Duomo I didn’t find anything else or probably I didn’t search to much).It’s a great construction though, in a Late Gothic style, if you look with attention you’ll find that the architecture brings more a French style than Italian.

 Piazza del Doumo holds some luxury stores like Louis Vuitton and some fine cafes ! The floor  is mostly special , made in a mosaic way and very well entertained .

My selection for a day in Milan was :

 H&M hat
 Mango scarf and gloves
 Cool Cat sweater 
 Karen Millen over-the-knee boots

So, Milan was great, I’ve been totally satisfied by the nice clothes I found and the atmosphere that is in the outlets. The city is very nice , but it seems so strangled by foreigners that don’t let you enjoy a picture or a nice walk along the Piazza del Duomo. It’s lovely to visit ,but keep in mind that the pickpockets are there too, especially in the metro so keep your wallet stuck on you ! 😉 .If you’re there just for the shopping, I recommend staying at Bergamo, it’s close to the airport, it’s clean and you’re not so far from the outlets !

Keep safe!

Hope you enjoyed my post and don’t forget to check out the deals on my page! you can really find some nice stuff

 ♥ R. 

3 thoughts on “Milan

  1. you mean the sum of the outfit?
    Well..I don't usually spend a lot of money on clothes .I like to dress nice and affordable, so to answer your question :
    The hat was 7euros I think cause I got it on sales ,sweater was 20euros, boots we're 200 (on sale, as you know Karen Millen is fabulous by clothes and by price also 🙂 ), the scarf and gloves I got them on sale too , but I can't remember the price..must have been aroun 15 euros both?!
    I will take in consideration for my next posts to put the prices on as well !
    Thank you very much for the heads-up !


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