Canary Islands


I would like for my first trip description to do Canary Islands..I didn’t visit them all,but I have went to all Fuerteventura and Lanzarote !
This is the island’s view from the plane


I went at the end of october -beginning of november ,but even so ,the temperatures were high (not super high but an average 25 degrees C).I stood in Corralejo ,Fuerteventura, but I went all around the island.
It was my first time to see the ocean..a remarkable landscape..Staying in Corralejo was fun,having the sand dunes close to my hotel room and also a great beach at a 5 minutes walk!
We easily rented a car and we went all around the island..


The volcanic origin of the island really makes it interesting to visit its mountains(ex volcanos).On Fuerteventura there isn’t any more active volcanos,so you don’t have thrills :)!
The island is full with beaches and the dunes really gives the island that desert look!

If the weather is to windy and you like to visit as much as you can,you can always take a ferry to the other islands
We went by car to Lanzarote!We visited the Timanfaya National Park during our day and we saw the natural barbecue in the Mountains of Fire. A big chance for the restaurant there :), as they don’t pay the gas bills to fry all that meat!

-Yes the heat is coming from inside!!

The view is fantastic..even from the car when you spot those red mountains with a fiery reflex,you’ll think that you have landed on Mars !
(I took the pictures from the car so I don’t think the red reflexes that good! 😦 )

It’s a great destination even in the middle of the winter!You have the same temperatures all year long!The south of the island is way more great for sunbathing,the north is ok too but it’s to windy I’s excellent for surf though 🙂

We went also at Fuerteventura’s Oasis Park.A fun visit if you enjoy nature and animals. The park is huge and you’ll need a hole day to see it all and also the animal shows that are included in the price!


Either way…Canary Islands makes the perfect destination all year long!
For more photos/infos you can contact me 🙂

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